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At Love to Learn Preschool in SLO, we believe that young children will develop a love for learning if taught through play in a nurturing, positive and secure environment. When combined with the structure of an early childhood educational program, we set a wonderful foundation for the love of learning and healthy social relationships to develop.


We follow a developmental curriculum called Zoo-phonics that teaches preschool children how to read, spell and write the alphabet through animal representation of each letter with visual, sound and motion cues. We also practice Number Corner, a math program, which correlates with San Luis Obispo School District curriculum. Number Corner features short daily exercises that introduce, reinforce, and extend arithmetic skills and concepts. New pieces are added to the display each day, providing opportunities for discussions and problem solving.


In addition to the above, we spend the day engaged in a variety of other activities including story time, music, art, science, nature exploration and free play. Plus, we have guest teachers come in and give Spanish lessons once a week, and yoga and music time twice a month. Our unique blend of learning and creative play allows us to effectively teach older children who are preparing to enter Kindergarten and yet still engage younger daycare-aged kids who might be entering an educational environment for the first time.

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